High Street Methodist Church, Portishead

Portishead Methodist Church is learning how to deepen our discipleship alongside the Inspire movement.

What is the Inspire network?
The Inspire network is a national movement that aims to help develop Christian discipleship in local churches. It is deeply rooted in the historic approaches to discipleship in the Methodist Church, drawing it inspiration from the teaching and practice of John Wesley himself.

Inspire has four emphases for Christian growth:
Grow in God's love
An encouragement to grow in the love of God, so that we might be filled to overflowing with his goodness and power

Use the means of grace An encouragement to use the 'means of grace' - Wesley's basic building blocks for a healthy spiritual life

Share God's love An encouragement to share God's love in our daily lives, through whatever means God provides

Deepen our fellowship An invitation to meet monthly in small groups of three or four - where we can encourage one another with steps 1-3! These groups are called 'fellowship bands', after Wesley's 'bands'.

More information:
Inspire website
Introductory Leaflet