High Street Methodist Church, Portishead

methodist church

The Methodist church has its roots in a movement that sprang up in the 18th century. It was lead by John Wesley, an Anglican Priest.

Soon Methodist Preaching Rooms and Chapels sprang up throughout Great Britain. It found particular support amongst ordinary working class people. The appeal quickly broadened and today it reaches across the world and to people of all backgrounds.

John Wesley placed particular emphasis on the forgiveness of God and our response to God's generosity. He taught that the Christian has a responsibility to live as holy a life as possible. This lead to a movement of social care which continues to play a strong part in the life of Britain today.

The Methodist Church has always emphasised a strong welcome to all and the importance of family life.

Methodism also has a great tradition of music. John's brother Charles Wesley writing many hymns still sung today in all denominations.

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